Need inexpensive child care?

Cultural Care Fun Fact #1: In the last 25 years, we have had the unique opportunity to bring young men and women from many countries to the United States as au pairs including: Austria, Australia, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand, Sweden, France, and more, thus changing hundreds of thousands of lives!

Full disclosure, I just signed on to be a sales rep for Cultural Care Au Pair, an affliation of EF, that has run au-pair programs for the last 25 years.  If you want to include some international diversity in your home, and get some help with the kids (45 hours childcare/week) it's a great way to go.  The young men and women they bring over are amazing - screened, eager to help out, and speak English.  They want to be included in family life and need their own room, otherwise costs are low, both emotional and physical of about $360/week and room + board. *Less right now, see special below!*  Read au pair in MA

I believe in this program because I know a lot of people who have been au-pairs, myself included, and we really do love kids and want to have fun with them.  Some people take advantage, and make you scrub the house from top to bottom, but that is not the idea.  Please some light cleaning and preparing of meals is fine, but au-pairs are not indentured servants.  Besides, you who have kids know how tiring they are to take care of!  You get up to 45 hours of childcare for all your children and it's a great deal as well as a nice way to get to know a young person better, and help them.

I remember trying to give the two little boys I took care of in as an au-pair in Paris baths.  Their favorite game was to jump out of the bath one at a time, and run naked through the house like slippery little eels while I tried to catch them and put them back.  First Fabrice, age 7, would streak around the house and just as I plopped him back in, Benjamin, age 5, would take off!  Phew!  I took care of these little boys all year, they placed a permanent hold on part of my heart, and I think of them still with fondness.  Many au-pair families stay in close touch with their au-pairs and they become like favorite nieces or nephews that play with your children. I hope if you're interested in an au-pair you'll be able to take advantage of this special.

*Get up to $1,075 for registering this weekend (July 12 - July 13). Go to and scroll down to "register". It takes only about 10 minutes and there is no obligation. Once you have filled out the information you will be waived the $75 registration fee by using coupon code PCFLS2014. You will also save $500 off the program fee if you welcome your au-pair by 10/2/15, and another $500 off the fee if you welcome an au-pair this year by 10/3/14. Please use the coupon code and go through my site!

I can help match you up with a wonderful young woman or man from abroad who wishes to experience American culture and take care of children. It ends up costing only about $360/week (less with this one time promotion) for up to 45 hours work/week. I will fill you in but register today, no obligation, so you get the discount if you decide to go ahead. I believe in Cultural Care, and hope that you will be able to take advantage of this discount! Contact me at with questions. 



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