VASA Order of America

 Man must be arched and buttressed from within, else the temple will crumble to dust. ”
— Marcus Aurelius Antoninius
Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the weekend.  No idea what this quote really means but I think he was trying to say you have to have fun too.  (Either that or colonics.) Who knows, but I'm going to have with the first interpretation.  In the spirit of "living la vida lagom" (lagom means just right in Swedish) I decided to go back to work, and pull my own yoke for a while in addition to being mom, artist and all that.  That meant the difficult decision of blogging less and putting my art and some other fun projects aside for a while.  I hope you understand, part-time marketing projects don't exactly grow on trees but I'm still going to find time to bring the Swedish culture to light, blog and have fun doing it!  So to that end I joined the "Birka Lodge" which is part of the ...
Sounds pretty fancy huh?  Well it is, and it isn't.  Let's just say it has high origins - the King and Queen of Sweden are members - but it our neck of the woods it is pretty down to earth, and a way for me and the kids to stay connected to the Swedish culture and others who are interested in Scandinavia.  At least that's why I joined for not realizing that there would be a whole "induction ceremony" with ceremonial candlesticks, music, procession, food etc.  Urk!  Not really my cup of tea.  I think I smirked my way through the whole thing from the hiding in the antechamber to the procession and the Grand Pooh-Bah asking us to take our vows. Honestly I am not opposed at all to this kind of thing, I just never thought I'd be a member of one of these groups.  I felt like Fred Flintstone with his hat heading off the the lodge.  Sorry Birka gang! You all are very nice and I look forward to our get-togethers.  Anybody else want to join?  Check out  It's a great group and we're going to have fun.  I hope.


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