Laughing babies + learning new languages

Communicating isn't so hard.  Just check out this video!  Really though shouldn't we teach children foreign languages a lot earlier - maybe not as young as these babies - but then again, why not?  I started speaking Swedish to Master Luke when he was a baby, and used to sing Swedish lullabies to him endlessly.  Then English started to sink back into our daily lives more and more, especially after we moved to a new city and I wanted to meet new moms, as well have playmates for my son.  It's not until we moved to Sweden last year that L. and his sister K. learned the language, and now that we're back in the States it's still a daily struggle to speak Swedish, and have them speak to me.  I do think the earlier the better to learn a new language, I never understood why we wait until middle school when everything's soooo embarrassing to start!  Here's one place where you can get a earlier immersion in a new language for your child:

An international exchange at age 10? Yes! Your child age 9-17 can be matched with a French, Spanish, or German child their own age and spend 2-8 weeks in that family developing a wonderful international friendship and learning the local language and culture. Visit us to learn more.


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