Dancing Queen

This not-just-in from Sweden via Redbook Magazine, August 2012: "In Sweden, workers of all stripes are abandoning their posts and heading out for 'Lunch Beat' parties: one hour of totally awesome - dancing with their fellow drones.... Stateside: Look for gatherings near you at lunchbeat.org".  Hey, I'm willing to start one in my kitchen tomorrow.  We'll just turn up Mix Megapol and get jiggy with it!  Musik

But I also have to tell hubby about the one starting up in Boston, MA on March 6th - check it out my man Dance!  (You would so love this if you got a real lunch break.)

Also, this just in (for reals) - the Abba Museum is opening on May 7th in Stockholm!  I so want to go, check it out http://www.abbasite.com/.  How can you not love their music (and their outfits). By the way, can you tell I love to dance? ;-)


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