Kate and lagom - discuss

Coffee klatch - discuss amongst yourselves - lagom is it good or bad?  Like I said before lagom is the concept of "just rightness", a word that doesn't exist in the English language.  "Living la vida lagom" is the name of my blog because I'm trying to live a balanced life with a foreign flair.  Here's one person's take on lagom (see below).  We met Kate in Sweden and she blew me away with her enthusiasm, wit and work ethic. She, unlike many Americans living in Sweden actually learned Swedish (a big plus in my book) and taught it to my husband.  So ...

"Besides that, believe it or not, I miss LAGOM! I used to think that the idea of lagom was something I didn’t like in Sweden–that it represented a tendency to stay within safe, expected norms. Now I think I see it as a deep appreciation for balance, and balance is not something I would consider a strong point in mainstream America."

True dat!  See Kate's blog here for more musings on returning home to the States after living in Sweden (like me) and her adventures starting a new business, writing a blog and working at the Swedish embassy in Washington, D.C.  Color me impressed!


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