Love Lego

Lego men taking a lunch
Charles C. Ebbet's photo from 1932 entitled "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" (1932)

Did you know many of the men in the classic photo above are reputed to be of Swedish descent?  They are dangling their feet 840 feet above the ground while building the RCA building at Rockefeller Center in NY.  I love the Lego take off in the photo above.  You may already know that Lego is based in Denmark so it seems especially fitting that they should  make their own version of the picture.  Now I am tempted to put L. to work!  With his two huge bucketfuls of Lego we should be able to do a pretty good reproduction ourselves. :-)

Oh, and I've learned that Mike Stimpson, a British photographer, is in the man behind the Lego reinactments.  Love it!
Lego Guy


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