Day One of Making Things Resolution = A Garden!

The roses actually grew!
Today I made a garden.  OK, not just in one day, but I did finish it!  And what a lot of work it was!  I mean crazy amounts of moving dirt, digging out rocks, cutting and removing roots, putting in good dirt, and picking out plants.
The old Volvo
Work in progress 
Basically it took a couple of weeks to get it all done.  First I decided that our front yard was an eye sore because the grass wasn't growing.  We had ripped down the vines growing on our retaining wall when cracks were discovered in it, leaving us with an ugly*** wall and an ugly*** lawn.  I told handsome hubby that he could tinker with the lawn in the back yard to his heart's desire but that I was going to grow a flower bed in the front of the house.
inspiration from
I wanted to look out of the kitchen window and see something pretty, not realizing that the dirt in the front was the worst concoction of sand, clay, rocks and roots ever seen.  Ugh!  Determined though I persevered ferrying buckets of bad dirt to the dump, dumping them in one area, and then filling them with the good dirt in another spot.  I filled the back of my old Volvo station wagon about four times with said dirt buckets.  Also I had to add loads of compost and bags of good earth as I went along. Backbreaking.

My helpers
The fun part was picking out the plants which a friend helped me with.  We got good deals on perennials which helped me justify the time and money spent on this project.  ( I don't exactly have a green thumb.) She kindly helped me plan the garden and went plant shopping with me.  I'm so grateful for good friends who help out.  Even the kids pitched in!

So DAY ONE of my MAKING SOMETHING EVERY DAY resolution (read more here) ended on a positive note.  I made a garden!  Now let's just hope that the plants come up again next year!


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