Day Two of Making Things - A Video!

Today I made a video out of pictures.  I know for some of you that's the easiest thing in the world but I am a Luddite. Ironic really considering that I blog (but for those of you who've actually scrolled down my posts and noticed the random missing photos I imagine it doesn't come much as a surprise).

So yes, I made a movie and I am going to share it with my daughter's fifth grade class.  I would share it with you but I will let her see it first.  It's about Vikings and there are scads of cute pictures of the kids playing Vikings, visiting a Viking village and just plain being cute.  Did I say mention they were cute?  ;-) Hopefully she'll let me share my first "movie" (it'a real nail biter, ha, ha!) or at least not be too embarrassed when I show it to her class.

So day two of my resolution to make something for 365 days, I tried something new and it worked out.  I learned a couple of things too -
  1. don't get distracted, stick to the plan
  2. have a deadline, mine was a meeting with the teacher
  3. assemble materials the evening before.  I wasted a lot of time looking for things.
If I inspire anyone to make things, please let me know, and good luck!


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