Ystad is for hobbits

OK, this is pretty funny I have to admit... the BuzzFeed office sent 14 photos and a video to BuzzFeed internationally (office in Mexico, US, Australia, France and the UK).  What they said spontaneously goes to show that the things we Swedes take for granted, like food in a toothpaste tube, just doesn't even hit the radar for most folks.  Loved the comment on Ystad, where my albeit small, but not Hobbit-sized relatives live!  Here's the link for more funny comments on things as varied as Kalle's Kaviar, and Princess Victoria.  Enjoy! http://www.buzzfeed.com/marietelling/we-asked-non-swedes-to-react-to-photos-of-swedish-stuff-and#.urqq3Y35w  And BuzzFeed, if you come across my blog make sure to read about St. Lucia here ;-)
Julia (NY): I accidentally stepped in a puddle of classic NYC street urine today. Don’t show this to me.

John (NY): I’m sure the Hobbits are going to come out any minute now.

Adam (NY): A festive cookie house made to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Hayes (DC): I just feel like a bunch of people are going to burst out and start singing any second now like in the opening of “Beauty and the Beast.”

David (NY): Is this downtown Stockholm?

Caroline (NY): it looks like a lot of nice grandmas would live there.

Chris (LA): It feels like Greece or a scene from a ride where a railroad rides through the middle.

Hannah (UK): It’s actually the law in Sweden that if you come upon a colorful windy road like this one, you are required to skip rather than walk, otherwise you are arrested and sent to a prison that is actually an island with picturesque streets just like this one, where you can reflect on your crimes, transform your life, and re-enter society as a friendly and productive citizen.


p.s. By the way for those of you who are so inclined to visit Ystad "the land of the hobbits" it is a delightful town and there's a great hotel that I can recommend.  Hubby and I stayed at "Hotell Sekelgården" right in the center, it's a quaint building with a great patio and good breakfast.  Nice place for all the sights and sounds of Ystad including Henning Mankell wanderings, see more about that author on my blog here.


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