Midsummer Madness

Phew, the party is over and it was a great one!  It was so fun to celebrate with Swedish friends and American family.  We had eleven kids over ranging in ages from 1 to 13 and some crazy fun Swedish moms who made the party happen by bringing food, and beverages to share.  Of course we danced around the midsummer pole too.  Ironically it was the most Swedish child of them all (Arvid at age 3 fresh off the plane from Sweden) who didn't know about the traditional dance.  We had to show him the ropes! "Små grodorna" (small frogs) is the best song for the little ones and we threw ourselves into showing him how to do it.  (Luckily no-one threw out their back doing it. Ha, Ha!)  The food was great too.  Check out this beautiful cake one of the guests brought.  Lucky us we have some leftover to share with dad on his day.  Happy Father's Day to all you Americans out there!


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