It's all his fault...

Sorry that I haven't posted in so long.  The cross-Atlantic trip tired me out for a while (major jet-lag) and then I discovered Henning Mankell.  ( so he's also to blame! I'm one of those people that doesn't usually read crime novels (at this point I'm guessing that there aren't a lot of us left) but they don't typically grab me like a good work of fiction.

But this time I got hooked by Henning Mankell's One Step Behind, (Steget Efter in Swedish) a Kurt Wallander mystery.   The book was exciting in a very unexciting way - it's hard to explain but the tone was very factual and low-key - and yet, as you read the facts and were led down the path that Wallander was following it became very intense and interesting.

Kurt Wallander's fictional home town is Ystad, a beautiful little town in Southern Sweden that I've visited many times.  Here's a photo of the charming hotel, Hotell Sekelgården, that we stayed at the last time there. Well worth a visit!
So blame Mr. Mankell for me disappearing, I may actually have to put this blog on hold for a while since there are at least 9 more Wallander books and several films from the series to watch! Find the inside scoop:

And FYI, Hotell Sekelgården pops up in several of the Wallander mysteries, and has a suite named in his honor.  Contact Peter at if you want to book it, and partake in one of the Wallander tours of Ystad.  I think I will the next time I'm in Ystad, after I plow through more of Mankell's books.  A Treacherous Paradise is next!  NY Times Treacherous Paradise review


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