Formex, Scandinavia's largest design and interior design exhibition, is opening its door tomorrow in Stockholm, Sweden.  It runs this time from August 15 - 18 (

Last year my friend Christina and I took the train to Stockholm to enjoy the vast hall of innovative designers of different home items.  The creativity of the exhibitions and the beautiful items on display showcased Scandinavia's talents to the utmost. There were some interesting forums and lessons on retail design that we could partake in (I saw one on color trends that was fascinating) and I loved the way they set up the booths.  It was a lot of fun poking around the 800+ exhibitions with Christina. Here's the approximate layout for the event.
We saw many beautiful products that I would be proud to sell in the States if not for the cumbersome import regulations, shipping complexities, and high cost of the product which would allow for null profit in America. Let's hope that the talks between the U.S. and European Union lead at some point to what could be the worlds's largest free-trade zone.  Streamlining complicated rules and regulations might make it a little easier for me to bring beauties like these over here.

Formex - wish I could go again!


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