The hazy, lazy days of summer

Are the glorious days of summer turning into a fight for the remote?  This HOUZZ article reminded me of all the things I liked to do as a kid.  I would paint stones, make a soup out of gross stuff, comb the beach for shells, you know - keep bugs in jars and probably suffocate the poor things, etc.  I wish the same for my kids.  I find that electronics keeps nature out and the kids enclosed, kind of like those poor little bugs I used to stick in jars with a stick and some grass.  Set them free!  Today we are going to the beach and we'll make sure to build a sand castle or two, find some special rocks, and make a soupy mess.  Can't wait! Have a great Sunday everyone. Enjoy the article and this beautiful weather.  :-)

Turn Off the Video Games and Turn On Your Kid's Creativity

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