Wedding bells for Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Princess Madeleine of Sweden married her eh-hem, not prince, but Anglo-American financier Chris O'Neill today in a beautiful ceremony, and it's killing me that I couldn't watch it live!  The svtplay link wasn't working although even handsome hubby tried to help so we had to content ourselves with watching this you tube video of their engagement announcement again, royal engagement video, and the spoofs which made me giggle.  ("Tihi") Madeleine is a beautiful bride and I wish her all the happiness with Chris.  And isn't this Valentino gown a good choice?  Very princess appropriate if you ask me.  Chris said that he was a little nervous, probably because he was afraid to be asked to speak Swedish again.  ;-)  Maybe he was hung-over too, as he actually had three bachelor parties, one in Florida, one in Italy and one in Sweden.  Not too shabby.  Read more here if you wish, US Mag.  And as promised here's a clip from the big event.

Beautiful Madeleine is married!


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