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*Loves* at Form/Design Center
There's an interesting exhibit at Malmö Form and Design Center - a must-see place for anyone in Malmö, Sweden.  First of all because of its in a gorgeous old 16th century house and courtyard located in the center of town near great shopping, restaurants, bars and more; secondly due to the amazing range of interesting exhibits that always give me something to think about; and last but not least, oh no not least at all!... consistently good coffee and fika bröd (a little yummy nosh to go with).  Oh, and it's free. Gotta like that. ;-)
Picture of Form/Design Center entryway in snow
Check out  They get about 200,000 visitors annually and it's a great place to see what's happening in Scandinavian design.  One of the current exhibits sounds cool, 'loves' in textile.  I'll see it soon and let you know!
Mode utan midje at Malmö Museum
If I can, I'll also drag the kids to this exhibit, this time in an old castle with a moat and everything at Malmö Museum, called "Mode utan midje" (fashion without a waist) which shows beautiful clothes from the 1920's. Baz Luhrman and Catherine Martin might have liked a peek at this one! I understand that they did exhaustive research into the look, clothes and style from the roaring '20's for the film 'Gatsby'.  I still need to see it, 
have you?


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