Ramona Morningbird

Lately when I had the chance to talk with Hopi, another of my entrepreneurial inspirations, about her successful foray into selling on-line I jumped at the chance! See Ramona Morningbird.  Here's why: she's a creative business woman who's tapped into a successful niche; she's a mom with three children (one is almost 3 months old!) - how does she do it?; she has an enormous garden and is the best camper I know, she's very nice and she's got a very cool background.

She's basically doing what I would like to do at a younger age, with more children, and she's making it work.  
Her parents were hippies and they named her Ramona Morningbird hence the business' name.  She sells utilitarian treasures with the industrial look (which is so hot) and she started on Etsy on 2012 where Fab found her and recruited her for sales on the web, like the one going on now.  Ramona Morningbird on FAB!  

Here's what she says on-line I love the excitement of a great find; the feeling I get when I spot something fantastic, buried or blurred in its surroundings. To pull it out, hold it up, step back and feel the ah-ha! moment. It's addictive."  Hopi is not only feeding her addiction but ours with these amazing finds, and is fueling my hope that I can make it work someday too.  

Check out these cool items at her Applecrest Farm space (another add-to-the-wish list, a space that shows the soul of your products) but please forgive my poor photography. You should pop over here http://fab.com/sale/22106 ASAP if you want some of these fabulous finds, cause they are selling like hotcakes.  Kind of like the pancakes Hopi served us from her tent in a rainstorm, but that's another story.  Good luck Hopi!


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