Living la Vida Lagom - Report Card

Well school is winding down, the kids are getting their report cards so I figure it's time for mine.  So how am I doing "living la vida lagom"? ("Lagom" means "just right" in Swedish, with a a little spice.)  Let's start with the positives shall we?
  • Got a part-time job doing something I love (thank you Mindi)
  • Volunteered at school (the incredible Inn Street)
  • Learned a lot about starting my own business "Nordic Niche" (free at Enterprise Center)
  • Created an office space for said business (you're the best Lone!)
  • Blogged my heart out on all things silly and Swedish (amazingly readers, it's growing!)
Now for the negatives:
  • I didn't live "lagom", I lived "American" - rushing, hurrying, busy, getting stuff done
  • Fell off the exercise wagon because I overdid it and hurt my knee
  • Didn't actually make any money with new business idea ... not sure where to go with this 
  • Have readers but not sure that they like my post, do you?  Please post comments!
OK, so there's my report card for the year.  Teacher Tina says "A for effort" but what do you think?  I need your feedback, and would love to know - good and bad - how I am doing.  We're off to Sweden soon to get some more inspiration, and ideas.

What would you like to see more of?  What can I bring back from abroad?  Is there anything else you'd like to learn more about -- Swedish traditions, interior design ideas, more family photos... ?  Well, guess the real teacher here is YOU so use your power and send me to detention if need be, but only after I get back from Sweden.  ;-)


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