Midsummer Myths

This is the thing about Midsummer -- the days are long and it lasts.  I wrote about the Midsummer Day celebration in Skanör yesterday.  Today I found this in the local Metro and thought it was too good not to share.  I will do my best to translate.  It's about the ways to find your true love on the mythical summer solstice, so stash it away for next year in case you didn't get lucky this year.  I hope that you are able to use at least one of these tips! This is the link for you Swedish-speakers out there find love Midummers eve (in Swedish).
  1. Put 7 types of flowers under your pillow and dream about your future spouse.  Or give someone else the job so you have time to mingle with more interesting prospects.
  2. Eat a salted herring end first, and go to sleep without drinking water.  The person who offers you water in your dream will be your future spouse.  Can work just as well with salty licorice.
  3. Jump over 7 gates and you'll meet your partner-to-be.  Try to avoid the countryside so you will have a better chance.
  4. Walk around a spring or a pool completely naked.  In the reflection you'll see an image of your loved one, and most likely other interested parties.
  5. Roll around naked on Midsummer's Eve.  Always a sure way to be noticed!  :-)


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