Arrr! Vikings party too

I'm going to Scandinavia soon, and I'm looking into all the wonderful things I'd like to do while I am there. Of course being of Swedish descent, I always try to fit in something Viking-related with the kids.  We're not heading over Iceland this weekend, otherwise this might be just the ticket (hey, you had me at "Hafnarfjordur", what a great name!)

Iceland's Viking Festival takes place in mid-June every year and is 6 days in length, no matter what the weather in Iceland may be.  For an exact event schedule of the Viking Festival in Hafnarfjordur, check out Hafnarfjörður 6/14 - 17.  It's held just south of Reykavik at a Viking village, here

Some good reading before heading over might include this site, Viking Myths, which talks about the myths and misconceptions about Vikings.  Did you know for example, that "Viking" was used as a verb, not a noun? The "Viking Myths Norse Mythology" site says that:

"Viking is not something you are, but something you do: Viking" was a verb used to describe a temporary lifestyle. Most Norsemen would stay in their villages for all their lives, but some young and adventurous farmers would go "Viking" or raiding for some months or for some years to earn their living on piracy. Therefore, all Vikings were Norse, but not all Norsemen were Vikings." Huh.
From The Viking TV Series on The History Channel

Well this Viking lass looks forward to Viking-ing soon to Sweden.  Even if I am taking an airplane instead of a steed, and without any raiding or pirating.  Unless raiding our own bank account counts. ;-)  

Shopping!  Arrr!  (I go berserk for Swedish stuff.)


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