Funny Tech Words in Svenska and Riots in Husby

OK, this one is for all you technical wizards out there (read it, HH!) good for a chuckle on a Tuesday afternoon.  Did you know that Swedes have come up with the best sniglets for technology ever?  (A sniglet, coined by Rich Hall, is any word that should be in the dictionary but isn't.)  I like this one - ogooglebar, which translates to "ungoogleable."  You'll see what I mean when you pop over to this site  I just hope that you don't experience any nakenchock.:-) See funny tech sniglets

On a serious note, let's talk about what happened in Husby and other Stockholm suburbs.  It's ironic just as America is becoming aware of Swedish politics and benefits, that many people who live in Sweden are experiencing cut-backs and diminishing of social services.  Sweden takes in more refugees than many other countries and provides social services that are unparalleled but unfortunately it's still hard in these days of prosperity to enter the Swedish system, get a good job, become assimilated and move upward.

See the recent televion show 60-Minutes report "Is Sweden still a haven?" video here: CBS News and then take a look at these articles which describes what happened in Husby.  It may not seem like much to us hardened Americans but this riot is rare indeed in Sweden and I am sure is being given much attention that hopefully will lead to change. This is a short overview of the events, Bloomberg news, but for a more in-depth look at the situation I found this article did a good job of going into the roots of the problem, read it if you wish here: Telegraph World News.  Finally leaving you with some thoughts that may help, and a reminder that "courage is the key to developing compassion" 5-buddhist-thoughts-on-bringing-out-your-best-self


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