Swedish Mora Clock and more

So into this look now:  Swedish vintage, romantic, white, pretty, etc.  Do you like it?  The killer is the Mora Clock.  Made originally in Dalarna these timepieces can go for thousands of dollars, but the care that went into creating them, and the craftmanship makes it all worthwhile.

Take a look at this one, on auction now at Bukowski's Market.  I'm going to get myself in trouble if I spend too much time on that site.  :-)  And for the handy more mora here.  For more information on the real deal check this out here, it was a cottage industry laid to rest - synd.  (too bad) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mora_clock.

Here's some nice picture to put you in a happy weekend state of mind from a Swedish blog that I like by Creations by Lis.  This store is on my list of go-sees in Sweden.  It's in Helsingborg.  Let me know how you like it, maybe I'll get some nice shabby chic things for the States.  Happy Friday!


  1. lovely pictures - i thought your readers might be interested to see europe's largest selection of antique mora clocks at http://www.swedishinteriordesign.co.uk/swedish-antiques/mora-clocks.html

    we have over 60 antique mora clocks for sale in all shapes, sizes and colours - if anyone has any questions , feel free to email us via the website - www.swedishinteriordesign.co.uk


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