Poppytalk and Easter

Hi, sharing my new favorite blog with you today.  Check out http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/.  Gorg hand crafted items that you can buy on etsy and other crafty online sites plus a great blog full of DIY ideas (that I don't have time to do, but can plan for in the future).  I was searching around for Easter DIY and found it.

Every year we dye eggs but I thought I'd try to do something a little different this year with decoupage perhaps or some patterns.  I typically make a funky looking forsythia tree that hubby likes to laugh at with hanging eggs and fluffy feathers.  It's a lovely Swedish tradition that ushers spring in even when it's minus 10 degrees Celsius outside, which according to my cousin Sanna it is right now in Southern Sweden. ( Ouch!  That's 14 degrees Fahrenheit).  Don't laugh though, Martha Stewart gets it too. See easter egg tree for a simple how-to.


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