First outfit post eva' for MPG

Thanks Mindi for providing me with the inspiration to post my first outfit post ever!  Mindi asked me to help out at her super-awesome, highly-hip interior design/architecture firm which enticed to try to assemble an outfit rather than pulling on my nicely worn 501's.  OK, please don't laugh, but I really don't ever get the chance to do this in my other work, so I thought it was worth it. (And this even though she told me she works in casual attire).  Well my outfit may not be up to snuff (hey, I warned you in my last post about fashion) but the job will be.  I am excited to help out however I can and looking forward to learning a lot.  Check out MPG home design and you'll see what I mean about my gorgeous, creative and very fashionable friend.  Thanks Mindi, you inspire me!


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