IKEA scandal in Europe

There's something fishy going on at IKEA, or should I say "horsey"?  Now I know horse is considered food in many cultures, and I'm not getting on my high horse (sorry I couldn't resist) but it is not in my house!!  Just so wrong to sneak it into Swedish meatballs with the consumer, or even the seller, knowing.  If you believe the news not even IKEA knew what they were getting.  How about checking?  Gross!  Again, here's the take away to me - if it seems too cheap to be true there is a reason for that.  Yes selling en masse cuts prices, but it also cuts costs.  Don't think that substitutions aren't made, they are, and do you want that for your food?  A bookcase is one thing (Billy I love you) but food is another.  

I make my meatballs by hand (best Swedish meatball recipe below, ever!) and while there is cow and pig in there I can guarantee there's not a horse atom in sight.  Marcus-Samuelsson-Swedish-Meatballs Not that I've checked or anything ... oh the horrors!  What lurks in our food?  There's trouble afoot in the EU and it's scary.  If you dare to learn more read on, Europe recalls IKEA meatballs.  

On a lighter note, try boiling your meatballs before frying them.  Just place them in a pot of boiling water, and they'll pop to the top when ready.  This way you're guaranteed to get them nice and cooked all the way through.  Just a helpful home-maker hint, enjoy your delicious REAL Swedish meatballs!


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