Rosa Ljung: mid-century sculptress

Today's item from my blossoming "Nordic Niche" collection is this very cool vase.  It was designed by Rosa Ljung, who lived and worked in Helsingborg, Sweden.  She was born January 28, 1917 and worked at Torekovs Keramik AB, and Deco in Helsingbord from 1967-1973.  Her work is highly admired and collected in Sweden.  She died in 1983. I've taken a picture of it in use next to my much beloved copy of D'Aulaire's "Norse Gods and Giants" because the figurine's head reminds me of Freya, the Norse goddess of love and fertility. Here's another picture below. Jonathan Adler (born 1966 in NJ, USA) has something similar on his table in the book "The Iconic Interior: Private Spaces of Leading Artists, Architects and Designers" by Dominic Bradbury.  Turns out he's a trained ceramist and that the pieces which look like two heads on the table (see below) are his design. (I did not know that.)  He does make beautiful things. All artists are influenced by others and it seems he was greatly influenced by  mid-century Scandinavian design.  Cool huh?


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