more mead!

I had such an interesting weekend meeting Medieval swordsmen, checking out studio spaces and houses, and playing "fishy, fishy cross my ocean!"  I definitely have a mile wide curious streak - to me there's nothing better than learning something new, meeting weird people or poking around other people's places.  Hubby and I are researching the housing stock in our local town to see if we can get more space to stretch out.  So fun to see how folks decorate and design their homes!  I also am trying to find a space for my business, Nordic Niche.  There's a range of choices everything from a real retail store to working from home with variations in-between such as consignment space, art gallery with split, studio with small retail space, and even a big old open mill with broads-men in the basement (sword fighting school.)  Oh the Viking in me loved that one!  Speaking of which, turns out they sell mead in Londonderry, NH.  I am intrigued.  Skål!

L at the Viking Village in 2009


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