my messy closet
So I, like many women I know, love fashion.  What does that actually mean these days in the time of motherhood, frugality and teaching?  Well it basically means that I love fashion on the inside, but that it doesn't very often show on the outside.  I like looking good but often if I match my socks, and my clothes are clean, I find that I'm doing good.

That said there are some things that I do on a pretty regular basis: cleaning out my closet (helpful link here http://modern-eve.com/life/mindful-consumption/wardrobe-editing/); vintage shopping; and sometimes even sewing.  (tulip skirt tutorial to follow.)  I've been trying to develop a cool style but unfortunately for me my favorite store is in Sweden.   See Lindex where the clothes are cute, fit me well and have nice bi-annual sales.  Come to America please Lindex!

Would I like to have a body that looks good in anything that I throw on?  Yes!  Or  boatload of money so that I could buy fab fashions right off the runway?  Yes!  But for now I try to make do sneaking peeks at style blogs, my fashionable friends, and getting inspired every time I go home to stylish Sweden where the women really make an effort, every day, to look good. Interesting article here: Swedish style.  What about you, what's your style?  And what do you think is fashionable now?


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