Steampunk City

photos by Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis
Hi friends, remember I told you I wanted to go to a Steampunk festival?  See here.  Well we went to Waltham with the girlie and all dressed up and sweaty hot we wandered around looking for something to do. Turns out that Steampunkers (in my humble opinion) seem to prefer the planning, preparation and dressing for the event to the actual physical doing of something once they are there.  The festival did not disappoint with the range of costumes and theatrical eye candy but was a little bit of a let-down overall. Nothing some ice creams and a big pint of beer afterward couldn't fix. ;)  I got quite a kick of seeing the crowd at the local Mexican watering hole dressed up like they were going to swash-buckle their way through a plate of nachos or drop out of a dirigible into a vat of tequila.  I mean who knows their alter egos might do?  Personally Baroness Ingrid von Ramsbottom aka the Swedish siren was ready to get back into the 2015's and out of her corset pretty darn quick. Still it was a fun outing. 


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