Bathroom re-do redux

I've written about wanting to re-do our "master bath" (ha, ha) before.  See the post here and here for my original dream bath.  I liked the original vanity, concrete look and rustic mirrors --
Well we've come a way since then and I'm embarrassed to say that it doesn't look much like I anticipated!  First of all, there's the issue of storage.  I picked out a cute little vanity but when it came right down to it we really needed those drawers.  So, so much for a marble top, the extra cost for a larger piece means that for now we have to make do with an enamel topped vanity.  The concrete probably ain't happening either but here's how: concrete - if you are so inclined.
Next we hit an impasse with the mirror and the lights.  I had thought to use a more creative approach but once again practicality intervened and we went with a more common but brighter option for lighting the little space.  Also, the old mirror had to go.  So now what we have is the Ellenbee Vanity with the Portfolio Vanity Bar, a basic solution.  I really need to add a speck of something special to what is now a Lowe's basic bath and I just found something cool that think just might solve my problem! Voila! Vinyl tile.
Can you believe it?  This cool looking tile at might just be the ticket to jazzing up the space.  It's too expensive to tile ($1,000 estimate for a little, bitty room!) but I think this vinyl floor at 249 krones per 300 cm (about 9.8 feet) could be about right, I'm estimating about 747 Swedish krones for the floor which is a tidy little sum of $89.  Cool huh?  But now what about that shipping? ;-)
At any rate, here's a new inspiration shot for this idea via "", a lovely site full of good ideas. It is translated into English too.  Now our bathroom will never look this good but these floors are worth a try.  I'll let you know what I find out.


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