Fritillaria meleagris
Ha, tricked you!  You thought it was a frittata didn't you?  No such luck, this fritillaria meleagris is a beautiful checkered flower that you could find for example, here, at the oldest botanical garden in Sweden.  You know about Linne right?  See here, for information about this famous Swedish botanist: in English:
In brief, he's the one that classified the flowers in the 1700's and made quite a name for himself.  He even made a name for others - "Linnea" now being a popular Swedish name for girls!  At any rate, he was quite the renaissance man, and made his way to Skåne for which we have this to thank for our unique midsummer pole in Skanör. more here
Leaving you with one more picture of this special midsummer event
 and a suggestion from a dear friend that Uppsala is a beautiful place to visit.
Check out and let me know if you go!


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