Scooby dooby do! Shaggy is in...

Um no!
Not this either...
But this... 

Shaggy is in, and I like it.  Do you?  Hard to find a good haircut sometimes for these super straight Swedish locks. Every miss by the stylist is totally noticeable.  I remember having a bob cut back in the day at one of those cheapo hair salons and she left a big hunk hanging by my ear.  I had to take out my nail scissors and finish the job myself when I got home!  I also remember cutting my hair on a whim in Stockholm right before meeting an old friend for drinks (Lena, minns du?)  That seems rather foolish but at the time I figured who better would know how to cut Swedish hair than a Swede, and it did come out pretty nice.  
Here's my friend who I hope to see again this summer, skål!
Skål Lena!  (2012)


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