Steampunk Silliness

There's a festival on May 9th that I'm itching to go to.  The hubby isn't sure, but I think it's a blast, I mean who wouldn't want to dress up as a cool alterego from the 1800's wearing bodice and boots?
Photo by h.NAOTO STEAM
A corset and a hat are obvious musts - but one must have a role to play as a Steampunk goddess - and that's what I am mulling over right now.  I wonder if I could add a Swedish twist, perhaps play a mild mannered Swedish teacher/spy with a devilish side.  What do you think?  By the way, turns out that Steampunk truly is everywhere, this picture was taken in Gävle Sweden last year.  Fun!
Finally a shout-out to this beautiful blog, Turns out she dresses like a historical hobbit and I love her style and sense of what suits her!  I think I'll reach out because I'm considering using my Swedish bodice from my folkdräkt (folk costume) as part of my Steampunk design.  Stay posted!


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