Trash talk

Hej! This person did such a good job of explaining the Swedish recycling system I decided why re-invent the wheel, just give credit where credit is due, in this case "The plaid zebra" for writing it all down! Read it!
The Plaid Zebra - picture of Stockholm
From a personal experience I was greatly impressed by the Swedish system.  We lived in Sweden in 2012 - 2013 and one day a nice looking brochure arrived at our rental house saying that soon we would all be recycling food.  OK, I thought, whatever.  The brochure clearly explained that we would each get a special recycling bin and paper bags into which to put all food and comestibles.  The bag sealed with a pick and stick strip, and they even sent some samples along.  I put everything in a drawer and with my American mindset thought "that will never happen".  Well gosh darn if a couple of weeks later we didn't actually get a bin and more bags delivered to the house free of charge telling us again how to use them.  Genius.  We did as we were told, and voila, we were recycling food.  So not hard but something we in America would never do on a mass scale, right? Again hats off to the Plaid Zebra who write:

Although recycling may be a foreign concept to many in the western world, Sweden has proven itself to be a leader in treating our only viable planet with the respect that it deserves.


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