From the streets of Helsinki to here

Would you dress like this?  Hmmm, not sure.  Coco Chanel said to always look in the mirror before heading out and take one thing off.  But I applaud her efforts!  And I truly like seeing some originality.  This picture is of Sari, and it's on (they posted fashion pics from the streets of Helsinki before moving to San Fran) and it's a great place to get inspiration on an off day.  The people look genuine and creative.  (For current fashion inspiration from the streets of San Francisco, check out  Another fun blog, but definitely more upscale is Here fashion savvy ladies like this dress up to the nines and put the rest of us slobs to shame.  Wish I had those gams!
One person I feel inspired by is Iris Apfel.  My mother and I saw an exhibit of her couture at Peabody Essex Museum and every now and then I like to see what she's up to.  The woman is crazy busy and she's almost 100 years old!  She's got amazing style and she tells it like she sees it.
Have you heard of her?  Personally I can't wait to see the movie (Iris out April 29th) and learn more about her life. Check out: Iris Apfel's latest.  Also my post on Gudrun Sjöden might be of interest, another fashion maven who follows her own path:


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