Well this explanation from Gevalia kind of sums it up.  But, my thoughts on fika are more like this:
Fika Haiku
Warm coffee, bulle
sugar gossip served on side
time to Fika now!
Tee, hee.  Well not much of a poet but it is nice to take some time to treat yourself during the course of the day to a break with a nice cup of joe and preferably a sweet to go with, like a bulle (bun). I miss the days of sitting and chatting with my friends, or mom.  I made this painting when I was missing the warmth of my mother's kitchen and being able to stop by for fika with her.

I've seen a lot on the web lately about the idea of fika, it's certainly not too hard of a concept but I guess the simple things are something for which we all long.  Connecting over a cup of coffee everyday is a simple but well deserved treat.  Here's a nice recipe for bullar (Swedish buns) that you may like to have with your coffee. Fika mera!

Addendum from Vecko Revyn, included in the 18 things you miss from Sweden when you live in a foreign country.  Yum!


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