Swedish Home Decor

A while back I promised to post regularly on Nordic design, and I must say home decor has fallen a little by the wayside.  But a quick visit to one of my favorite blogs "my scandinavian home" fixed that in a heartbeat! Check out this lovely apartment and the contest to win this lovely Pia Wallen cross blanket from Story North here at "Sweet Paul Magazine" Pia Wallen cross blanket contest.  I love the use of black, white, grey and rugged warm touches like the furs that give you the coziness of home.  And I want me that blanket, so don't enter please? ;-)
Interior: Pella Hedeby, Photo: Christopher Johnsson via here and here with thanks

This kind of staging done by JM Staging in Stockholm provides inspiration for those times I am pulled into a staging project, like last week on the North Shore.  It was a fun staging the beautiful condo with my friend Mindi at MPH Home Design.  See below, for a smattering of my photos which although not as professional as the ones above, can show you what a difference staging can make!  


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