Obama in Sweden today!

President Obama is visiting Sweden today and they are as pleased as punch about it!  The Swedish locals were talking about this three-day visit as soon as it was determined that he would go there instead of Moscow (after Edward Snowden and Syria push-back).  I hope that he comes away with a good understanding of little Sweden's capabilities in technology and the environment.  The Local's live blog feed of the visit is here, http://www.thelocal.se/50050/20130904/.  One of the stops on Obama's itinerary includes a visit to a energy expo at the Royal Institute of Technology.  He will also be going to a ceremony honoring Raoul Wallenberg (read more about Wallenberg) and meeting the king and queen of Sweden - Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. He will be having dinner with Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt tonight and leaders of Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.  Still not everyone is excited about Obama, for example Anna Troberg (leader of the "Pirate Party"?) who is quoted saying that he should give back his Nobel Peace Prize (see below and here.)  Reinfeldt is choosing not bringing up the security issue saying Sweden is not entirely innocent either.  Read more of that news at Washington Post.  Exciting stuff.
 "A Swedish newspaper described its country a “Little USA” and described the way it was trying to emulate America politically, economically and culturally. Still, the leader of a small political party said Mr. Obama should stop tapping her e-mail account and give back his Nobel Peace Prize."  - NYT


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