A beautiful flower from a darling shop - Botanica in Höllviken

So, I found on a shopping trip this pretty type of Hortensia, or Hydrangea, that I liked and a handprinted tablecloth by Bungalow at a nice little flower store.  I love those stores that combine fresh flowers with candles,cloths, nice scents and other pretty things don't you?  It becomes a total experience, especially if you add a nice coffee shop in the back. ;-)

Here is another picture of my new tablecloth. I need to stress new because I buy a lot of second-hand, but this time I sprung for this Indian print cloth with green and silver accents.  Green is in, and it goes nicely with the turquoise demi-tasse cups I snagged at *loppis* (flea market) recently as well.  I have a mint colored dress, freshly baked cookies, guests RSVP'ed and now I am really ready for my "I'll never turn 50" party to be held tomorrow!  


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