Allsång literally means "everyone sing" and it's a huge summer tradition in Sweden. It seems practically every night there's one advertised, or on TV like "Allsång på Skansen" and "Lotta på Liseberg".  See Lotta.  It's a great way to promote Swedish acts and to have some fun singing together, but the funny thing to me (as an American) is how everyone claps in unison, or only sings when given the O.K.  It's not like they're taking the chance to be on "Swedish Idol" or anything.  Everyone just nicely waits their turn until the host brings the microphone over, and then shyly and often off-key, they sing a little in it.  I could just see this tradition turning into a real diva festival in America.  Someone grabs the mic, and starts going all gospel on it or something.  Kinda want to do this myself.  :-) Anton Ewald was on the other night, he's a real cutie.  Insert "idol bild" (idol picture) here:
Maybe I'll become the only middle-aged American Anton fan!


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