Beautiful farmhouse for sale

One of my favorite masochistic activities while in Sweden is looking at all the beautiful houses for sale, drooling all over the paper, and wishing that I could buy one for a sweet summer place.  This one would be more like a summer palace but I would loooove to use one of the houses for an art studio.  
You could take a look at the attached and do a little drooling too if you're so inclined.  (No one will see.) ;-)  I like this style of "länga" which is typical of Southern Sweden, and the straw roof is so charming.  It's from the 1600's and "only" costs about 1,048,882 American dollars. ;-)  If you buy it, tell Annika that Tina sent you.  She might remember me from last year when our boys were at the same school.  
And there's even a pool!  Dang, need to become a millionaire or win the lottery. 
Feel free to send me cash and I'll invite you over. ;-)

Oh, and realtors here is something that they do in Sweden that I love, the put an actual layout of the property in the listing.  So practical, don't you think? Take a look below.  Enjoy!


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