I love this town
We also had so much fun going into Copenhagen as a kid and I wanted to bring that same kind of excitement to my children so off we went into the big city.  As always we ended up on Ströget - the walking road in the middle of the old part of town - with its shops, restaurants, tourists, and attractions.  This time it seems like gold and silver living statues are all the rage.

I think we saw about 7 people in different garb along the way including a fakir sitting on thin air, a silver magistrate of some sort, a gold dwarf (child?) dressed in colonial clothing, and more.  Special K put a coin in one of their bowls and got a special high-five, and a picture.  I'll attach that later once I get back home, and I am able to sift through my camera and all the shots. Copenhagen is definately one of the most picturesque places I know so I have lots of shots to share!  Until then, take a look at these shots from the NY Times for an overview.  slideshow

We only had enough time for a long walk, visiting Illums where the picture above was taken, stopping at the Lego store (of course), and a boat ride on the canals.  It was a very fun and exhausting day.  One piece of advice, know your credit card's PIN number before you go... but that's another story altogether... and for those of you traveling a little longer in Copenhagen this article might come in handy, NY Times Travel Guide To Copenhagen


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