Goodbye to some of our favorite Vikings, have a safe trip home!
We just said goodbye to our favorite Vikings who are now safely home in Sweden after celebrating Thanksgiving with us.  We all had a great time, here enjoying a walk on the chilly beach.  It makes me cold to even look at this shot, so I've included pictures below of a wonderful warm day visiting the Viking Village in Höllviken, Sweden called "Foteviken".  The kids and I were there last summer for a Viking market and re-enactment of a major battle that took place at the site.  Hope you enjoy them.  See for more information (link to reinactments below) and maybe you too can become a Viking!
Items being sold at "Foteviken Viking Reserve"
Viking village in Höllviken, Sweden at market
Check out the shields hanging in the great hall of the Vikings.
Viking ladies enjoying the show.  These girls told me that they really liked being Vikings.  Is the draw not having to bathe?  :-)

They had a "battle" to show what happened when the Danish king, invaded Skåne (the south of Sweden).  I love the little Viking in the middle holding on to its hat!  For more information about reinacting Vikings and the markets in Sweden and abroad check out this link on Foteviken's site.

A Viking game, hurl the massive log as far as you can.  Methinks they didn't have an X-box.


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