Made from Wormwood, can't be good

(picture from Jeppson's Malört Face Photos, by Phil Dokas)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Want a shot to celebrate?  Well you might not want to try Jeppson's Malört liquor found only in Chicago and suburbs. (It's made from a Swedish recipe so you could possibly buy it in Sweden?)  Take a look at this face, it says it all! More unlucky victims here -  funny faces Even the company admits that only one in 49 people who try it like it.  What a Viking challenge!  Might have to bring it to the East Coast. :-) Happily we enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner in New Hampshire with all the trimmings and a nice white wine to drink. Hope your taste buds were equally happy.  Thankful for many things and especially glad not to have to drink this.  Skål!


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