Annie Sloan Chalkpaint Workshop and IKEA

That's a weird combo I know (see header) but that's where my heads been at lately.  I've been playing with the idea of using Annie Sloan chalk paints for a dresser - aubusson blue is my current fav- and we headed down to the Swedish behemoth today, IKEA, photos to follow.  (By the way did you know most of the IKEA product names are actually either real Swedish names, like Eivor, or words like this one "pruta" (to haggle).  This one makes us giggle because it's dangerously close to "prutta" which means "fart" and this is the name of some classic Tupperware-type bowls and lids.  Tee, hee. Inside Swedish joke for y'all.)

Anyway I digress, can you tell how tired I am?  Hubby and I headed down there with angelic, soon to become whiny children at 8 this am for their big kitchen sale.  We quickly decided that even 20% off wasn't enough to encourage us to wait in the massive line of fellow procrastinators, so we scoped up the basics - toilet bowl brush, new wine glasses, light strip for kitchen, and Swedish fish among other sundries and headed home.  Home to our shabby kitchen, not shabby chic mind, but cozy and clean with a lingering smell of tonight's lasagna.  "Hem" sweet "hem", or rather "Home Swede Home".

p.s. thinking that this would be a very nice mother's day gift - It's in Malden, MA anyone care to join me?  Picture from Annie Sloan's website,, bureau in that awesome blue!


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