Alexander Skarsgard

For those of you who aren't familiar with my blog I try to write about things of interest with a Swedish bent - contemporary, historic, design-oriented, even silly.  This may fall under that category, a fan-based musing on Alexander Skarsgard, a super hunky Swede, who, as I've just learned, was raised by hippy daddy Stellan Skarsgard.  Stellan had wild parties, with carousing until the wee hours and would walk around naked at home.  This could be disconcerting to friends, especially young ladies, that Alexander would invite home.  Seems rather awkward to me too, but I do agree with Skarsgard that violence in the American media is way more damaging than nudity.  As he said aptly said in this week's periodical "The Week":  "If a kid sees a nipple on television, how is that more damaging than watching someone bash someone else's head in with a baseball bat?" Hmmm, it's not.  (How's that for quick answer.) Anyway heading out for vaca soon.  Hope my body can handle a bikini, 'cause I'm sure not secure enough to go the whole Stellan route.  :-)  By the way, he's in a new movie with Justin Bateman (my fav) coming up called "Disconnect".  Check out the press:


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