We came back from paradise to this?

We were on a true vacation, the family and I, away from all electronic devices, phones and even my beloved blog.  Of course rushing now to fill you in on what this winter-weary Swede has been up to (yes, even Swedes tire of the cold hence the exodus to Thailand once a year.)  :-)  We were on the Riviera Maya in Mexico where we enjoyed amazing weather, tons of good food, cerveza and playing with the kids in the pool.  So hope you didn't miss me too much but sometimes you just have to get away.  'Specially when your beloved home town is being terrorized.  What a shock to come home to that!  I'm just glad that I can tell my children that they are caught, and thank you Boston Police Force and everyone for your amazing work.
At Xcaret, where's Newport, RI?

The kids even swam with dolphins - luckys

Yeah, I didn't go the Stellan* route, I covered up all the way!* See prior entry on the Skarsgards


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