The Swedish Chef and beautiful buns

Ok, here I am back again with another delicious recipe... semlor or fastlagsbullar as they are also called are something that the Swedes look forward to all year.  These buns are especially delicious because they are served with mounds of whipped cream and filled with almond paste.  Yum!
I decided to make a batch on a particularly snowy day and they came out delectably even though I used the spray whipped cream and old marzipan.  Well we were snowed in!  ;-) So if these were good I bet yours will be even better.  Here's the recipe for semlor. (Semla is singular, semlor is plural.)

Just a little background on the buns, they are traditionally served on Fat Tuesday and sold for the month of February - March in bakeries across the country.  I found this nugget of information on the Local site (
The buns hold a notorious role in Swedish history linked to King Adolf Fredrik. On the day now known as Fat Tuesday in 1771, he collapsed and died after eating a meal of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring, champagne... and 14 servings of semlor, his favorite dessert.
Semlor buns have been available in Swedish bakeries for 200 years - but in late January 2015, we watched as the classic buns took a new, modern twist.  
Click on the link above and you're going to see a SEMLA WRAP!  Wha'?!  For us traditional American Swedes that's pretty much hearsay, although I do hear that they are good.  But for now I will leave you with a picture of the real deal, a beautiful picture of some beautiful buns. (Hey, do you think if I put that in the labels that I'd get more hits?) Ha, ha! Enjoy!
beautiful buns


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