Boda Borg in Boston

Take a look at my new pages, one on art, one on Nordic Niche, and another on the books I've read recently.  Hope you enjoy them!  Here's a scoop for those of you like me, with jumpy kids at home in the Boston area.  A Swedish company is opening a "Boda Borg" here.  What's that?  Well
"borg" means castle in Swedish and I guess this place offers "questing" in a castle!

The 30,000 square foot building in Malden will bring obstacle courses blended with puzzles solving. It's the first of its kind in America although the Boda Borgs have been around in Sweden and Ireland. My kids will love it!  Can't wait for it to open this summer at 90 Pleasant Street in Boston.  Read more on their website: Boda Borg, or for more information on the company check out betaboston.
Boda Borg is a chain of indoor "questing" facilities. (Photo courtesy of the company.)


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