Travel to Sweden!

So excited, we booked our trip to Sweden!  I am thrilled to be heading back to see friends and family there.  I looked around the internet for some ideas, and ran across this little article which is kind of fun if you are, like me, planning a trip.  Read CNN's article which will give you some good ideas to prepare you for a trip there.  And it's a great time to go!  The dollar is at a high so it's not as expensive for Americans.  Don't believe me?  Check it out here, dollar at 9-year high.  See?

FYI, the Swedes still are not full members of the European Union so don't stock up on euros.  You can get krones but they will take credit cards everywhere, and here's an important tip - KNOW YOUR PIN!  I can't stress this enough as our American credit cards are quite antiquated.  In Europe they won't ask you for a signature, they will ask you for a pin code.  If you are like me and you don't know it, you will be in trouble.  Luckily the last time I ran across this at Copenhagen Airport I happened to have some Swedish krones on me (kronor) that covered my trip across the bridge to Sweden, but I'm not making that mistake again.  (BTW, I missed some very good sales at Lindex that year due to this little snafu.) :(

This year I am going to visit the Stockholm archipelago with my immediate family and I can't wait to show the kids the islands.  We're also going to Djurgården and Gröna Lund while we are in the nation's capital. There is so much to see, for now I'll just leave you with some mouth-watering photos of the beauty that is Sweden in the summer.  Hej så länge!  (Bye for now!)
p.s. let me know if you plan to head to Sweden this summer too :)


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