Fashion, Spring 2015

Michael Kors, spring 2015
Hej!  Thinking of fashion today, and how I could really use a lift.  Headed to the closest store (happened to be TJMaxx) and just was seriously uninspired.  So I thought, 'k, if you can't find anything fun, make it!  Well I can sew but the issue is, I don't know what to make.  Living in the 'burbs, and slogging through this seriously debilitating winter (with Sorel boots as the height of fashion) I just don't know what looks good anymore! 

If I were to sew something I might try for a summery skirt and top, perhaps like these ones by Michael Kors, but keeping most of the pattern to the top.  What do you think?
Gingham is in too, and these skirts look easy, breezy and fun.
Who knows if it will ever get warm enough to wear something resembling this or the cool clothes in this ad video for H&M, see Cochella Clothes at H&M  In the meantime I'm enjoying dreaming of summer sun wearing clothes like these.


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